Oakland Craftsman

This jewel-box craftsman home was meticulously renovated and decorated for its exacting owners. The palette for the project was pulled from the dramatic, exotic wallpaper that appears in the living room and consists of grayed purples, toned reds and ochre. Custom chairs flank the original fireplace, which has been newly faced in butterscotch glazed Heath tile. Despite the presence of so much saturated color, a liberal use of white keeps the small space feeling bright and open.

The rooms on either side of the living room are purposeful contrasts based on the owners' requests; the cocoon-like bedroom has walls the color of wrought iron and is dominated by an enormous upholstered bed. The combined kitchen and dining room, however, is a bright creamy white with utilitarian finishes and furnishings, allowing meals created by these accomplished home cooks to take center stage.

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